Can the BCMA help you?

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The British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)

Why should a therapist join a BCMA therapy affiliated association?

The BCMA is an umbrella association of numerous therapy organisations. Before an association is allowed to join the BCMA it must meet specific standards and criteria. These include agreeing to check the qualifications of all of their applicants before allowing the applicant to join.

Over 20 years the BCMA has become recognised as one of the leading CAM organisations and have been approached by governmental bodies, TV and radio and other media companies for information and views.  therapyman

This standing is reflected back to its members as the public know that BCMA members must meet the required high criteria of the organisation before they can join.

By joining the BCMA, the therapist can feel confident that they have the support of a large, knowledgeable, well established association whose main interest is that of helping the therapist

How can the association help the therapist?

Besides offering advice to therapist members, insurance at competitive rates, a newsletter/blog and therapist details on the BCMA website, BCMA goes out and meet members at road shows and exhibitions, which gives members the chance to meet other members and the opportunity to listen to some great speakers on subjects which are of interest to therapists e.g. marketing, therapy techniques,.etc.

Other BCMA services.

Training establishments and Corporate membership is also available.

The BCMA has a very good reputation so why not enhance yours by joining the BCMA. Contact the BCMA on 0845 345 5977 or by writing to the BCMA PO Box 5122, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 0WG

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